Tuition & Fees for bachelor’s degrees | CEU Undergraduate Studies

How much does a CEU bachelor’s degree cost?

Tuition for each of CEU’s bachelor’s degree programs is €7,000 per year. This doesn’t include the application fee, student enrollment fee, accommodation, or other living expenses. But CEU does cover the cost of health insurance for you! Here’s a breakdown of the estimated annual cost of attendance for a student in one of CEU's bachelor's degree programs.

Estimated cost of attendance

Tuition Fee €7,000/academic year (€3,500/semester)
Registration Fee €100 (one-time, non-refundable)
Austrian Student Union Fee €41.40/academic year (€20.70 per semester)
Student Enrollment Fee €200/academic year (non-refundable)
Accommodation at CEU-contracted student residence

€4,340/academic year (€434/month plus one-time fees)* 

One-time, refundable fees:

  • €50 key deposit
  • €868 two months' room deposit 
Food €4,000/academic year (€400/month) - estimate
Local transportation €150/year (€75/semester)
Books and supplies (estimated) €200/academic year and a laptop
Personal expenses (estimated) €2,500/academic year (€250/month) - estimate
Student health insurance Covered by CEU
TOTAL €18,531 plus €918 (refundable deposit)

Student Enrollment Fee

All students are required to pay the student enrollment fee – €200 per academic year – for the duration of their studies.

Registration Fee

When you accept the offer of admission, confirming you will attend CEU, you’re required to pay a registration fee of €100. This fee can be paid online via the Applicant Portal. The registration fee is non-refundable.

Austrian Student Union Fee

As per the Austrian Student Union Act (HSG for short; section 38, paragraph 3), every student in Austria is automatically a member of the student union and required to pay a membership fee every semester (€20.70). At CEU you’re required to pay this Austrian National Student Union (OeH) fee of €41.40 in one sum online prior to the start of the Academic Year. For newly admitted students it is a prerequisite to be enrolled in the Fall.

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