Join students from around the world to study in small classes with top-notch professors in Vienna, one of Europe’s most beautiful cities, and earn a CEU undergraduate degree that's both Austrian and American. At CEU, we will nurture your curiosity, enable you to exchange views with peers and professors and provide you with the critical skills and the confidence to think for yourself and become a leader in whatever career path you choose. With a CEU undergraduate degree in hand, you’ll be ready to shape not only your future but the future of our world.


Join students from 100 countries and faculty from 40. Delve into the complex social and political issues we face today across the globe, from consumerism to climate change, data privacy to media freedom, human rights to security. Examine problems from many angles – ethnic, racial, religious, cultural, historical, or philosophical, to name a few. Contribute your own insights and enhance the dialogue.


At CEU, our mission is to encourage research and debate and to foster new and innovative solutions in the spirit of open society. CEU taps the best of U.S. and European university traditions while reaching across the globe for insights and experience. The result? Challenging academics, solid research, a close-knit community, and a commitment to goals beyond the classroom.


An Overview of CEU’s Three Undergraduate Programs

Watch this webinar: An overview of CEU's three undergraduate programs

Philosophy, Politics and Economics: undergraduate degree (BA in PPE)

Examine fundamental questions about reality and our place in it. Survey the political and social structures we’ve created for ourselves. Investigate the principles that govern production and consumption in our world. What will you learn?

  • To look at pressing issues from many angles
  • To ask the right questions and develop insights
  • To find and propose innovative solutions

Culture, Politics and Society: undergraduate degree (BA in CPS)

Ask the big questions of our society today. Examine them from a variety of perspectives. Find clues from environmental science, from history, from sociology or from gender studies that help explain how humans interact. What will you learn?

  • To figure out what’s fact and what’s fake in a sea of information
  • To analyze knowledge and debate its meaning
  • To pursue solutions and implement them effectively

Data Science and Society: undergraduate degree (BA/BSc in DSS)

Take advantage of the unprecedented quantity of information available in our world today. Analyze it to find patterns. Take cues from sociology, economics, environmental sciences, and political science. What will you learn?

  • To use quantitative tools to draw meaningful conclusions
  • To draw on knowledge across disciplines to understand human behavior
  • To combine quantitative and qualitative skills to tackle major societal issues


CEU opened the doors to its new campus in Vienna in 2019 and welcomed undergraduates for the first time in 2020. CEU’s undergraduate degrees may be new but they’re built on 30 years of experience in graduate-level education, and rooted in subjects where CEU enjoys the highest international rankings. Each undergraduate degree program combines several academic disciplines, a deliberate decision on the part of the dedicated professors who worked relentlessly to develop them. Those professors include Alexandra KowalskiBalázs VedresMiklos KorenAlexander AstrovTim CraneKatalin FarkasZoltán MiklósiJulius HorvathBalázs TrencsényiJasmina LukićJeremy BravermanIstván BodnárMarcell Sebők and Dorit Geva.

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Where will you go from CEU? With your dual Austrian and U.S. undergraduate degree, and equipped with a combination of theoretical knowledge and practical skills, you’ll be ready to launch a career in business, public service, intergovernmental organizations, or politics, pursue further research, or start an advanced degree. Not only will you have the skills, knowledge, and energy to spark your career, you’ll join a community of 18,000 alumni in more than 100 countries to inspire and help you along the way. They’re working in governments and thinktanks, banks and NGOs, international organizations, and tech startups. They’re professors, consultants, parliamentarians, policy analysts, entrepreneurs, activists, project managers, and researchers — from Shanghai to Berlin to L.A.

“CEU has an impressive alumni network consisting of active agents of progressive change around the world. I’ve lived in five different countries and know people who studied at CEU in each one of them,”

says Maria Stanisheva, a documentary filmmaker who graduated from CEU in 2003. You’ll also have help from CEU before and after you graduate. With its network of global employers, online job search platform, and a team of career advisers, CEU will help you find an internship and apply for funding and provide personal guidance as you find your passion and your path.

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Are you a pioneer, a dreamer, a problem solver? Choose CEU and become a leader of positive change. How can you apply? Click here to start your undergraduate application online or start here for a checklist of what you’ll need for the application, such as a CV, high school transcripts (and diploma if you’ve graduated), and recommendations. Expect to write a motivational letter and an essay. The programs may have additional requirements. Find out more about each program:

Tuition and financial aid information is here.

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We're here to help you throughout the process, from undergraduate application to admission, acceptance, and arrival. We look forward to getting to know you!

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Consistently ranked among the world’s most livable cities by The Economist, Vienna is a place where quirky student hangouts sit alongside opulent coffee houses and modern art fills centuries-old palaces. Leafy parks and riverside beaches, world-class galleries and museums, beer gardens and vineyards, street fairs, and culinary fests offer entertainment from spring to fall, while the Austrian capital’s squares transform into a snowy, glittering playground with Christmas markets and ice rinks in winter. Just a short train or plane trip to the must-see capitals of the continent, Vienna is the heart of Europe. As an undergraduate student in Vienna, you’ll have the chance to take advantage of all the city has to offer, as well as of CEU’s state-of-the-art facilities in the multicultural Favoriten district. Undergraduate students live in a comfortable dormitory where you'll relax and cook, study and have fun together, about 20 minutes from CEU by public transport.

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