Bachelor of Arts in Philosophy, Politics and Economics | CEU Undergraduate Studies

In CEU’s bachelor’s degree program in Philosophy, Politics and Economics, you will study with peers from around the world, address some of the key questions for humanity today from several perspectives, learn to present your ideas and knowledge effectively, and prepare for exciting careers, all in beautiful Vienna.

Why choose the CEU PPE bachelor’s degree?

Because you will:

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What will you learn in CEU’s bachelor’s degree program in PPE?

You will be able to:

  • think critically about different political and social structures
  • address fundamental questions about reality and our place in it
  • learn to do both quantitative and qualitative research
  • examine complex concepts, arguments, and world views
  • present your analysis and ideas in a variety of ways

You’ll be challenged to think critically and creatively about the complex social, political, and economic developments of our time. You’ll delve into some of the big questions about society and the world around us, gaining a variety of perspectives, solid knowledge, and analytical tools in order to come up with your own answers. We’ve tailored the program so that you will gain a solid foundation in all three disciplines, then use that to address issues that interest you most, and emerge with analytical skills and multifaceted knowledge that you can put to use in the real world. So if you want to:

  • challenge yourself in the classroom and beyond
  • become an active member of a global intercultural community
  • tackle the world’s biggest problems
  • make a difference using your knowledge and ideas
  • present your analysis effectively in writing and speaking
  • open a world of career options

…then CEU’s undergraduate degree in Philosophy, Politics and Economics is for you. In your first year, you’ll take a mandatory set of courses with all your classmates, where you’ll gain a foundation in the three disciplines. In the second year, you will select two of the three subjects as your focus. In the third and fourth year, you add electives in your selected two subjects and further courses from other programs and areas, including:

  • Environmental Science
  • Gender Studies
  • Cultural Heritage
  • Human Rights
  • International Relations
  • History
  • Nationalism Studies
  • Sociology and Social Anthropology
  • Visual Theory and Practice

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How does the CEU Philosophy, Politics and Economics bachelor’s degree program work?

In the Philosophy, Politics and Economics bachelor’s degree program, you’ll explore how society works from the viewpoint of ancient and modern philosophy, political theory and structures, and economic principles and functioning. As you learn to analyze an issue or an event from all these angles, you’ll also learn to communicate your newfound knowledge effectively and have the opportunity to expand and use your knowledge outside the classroom. You’ll enjoy:

  • small class sizes, with a student-to-faculty ratio of 7:1
  • discussion-based seminars where you’ll participate and contribute your analysis
  • individual attention from leading professors and researchers
  • a community of faculty and students from more than 100 countries
  • courses with all your classmates in the first year, then increased focus and course choice as you progress within the program
  • an individual thesis in year 3 and a capstone project in year 4
  • option to take courses with master's students in year 4
  • personal supervision by a professor for your final capstone project

At the end of four years, you’ll have an Austrian and an American bachelor’s degree (BA).

What next? What careers can you consider?

The CEU bachelor’s degree in Philosophy, Politics and Economics gives you a multidisciplinary foundation that supports many exciting career paths. Your deeply honed thinking skills, required to tackle many social and economic issues, will be in high demand. You’ll be ready to continue your studies in graduate school or start a career in media or business, government or non-profits, startups or multinationals. Here are some examples. Pursue a master’s or Ph.D. degree at CEU or other leading universities in subjects such as:

  • Philosophy
  • Politics
  • Economics
  • International Relations
  • Public Policy
  • Sociology
  • Business

Pursue a career at:

  • banks and fintech companies
  • government and policymaking bodies
  • universities and think tanks
  • startups and incubators
  • large companies and multinationals
  • media and communications companies
  • international organizations
  • non-profit and non-governmental organizations
  • law, education, health care sectors

For example, after graduating with a bachelor’s degree in Philosophy, Politics and Economics, you could work at the World Bank, where you’d be able to:

  • contribute to the preparation of economic policy papers, policy notes, and reports
  • see your work within the organization’s broader strategic framework
  • prepare periodic economic updates and briefs
  • support dialogue on policy reform with government and development partners
  • present your work via written reports, big data presentations, website development, and visual media campaigns
  • convey your work effectively and confidently in multimedia presentations to colleagues, to government officials, and to the public
  • organize events for stakeholders and the public
  • show leadership in team and group projects

How do you apply to the CEU bachelor’s degree program?

To apply to CEU’s degree programs, you’ll need to gather documents such as transcripts, your CV, and proof of English proficiency, obtain a recommendation letter, write a motivation letter and an essay and fill out the application form online, where you’ll also upload everything and pay the application fee. Here you can find a list of what you’ll need for your application. To apply to the Philosophy, Politics and Economics bachelor’s degree program, you’ll need to write an essay about your interest in a question with a connection to one or more of the three disciplines. For example, what makes societies fair or just? Are we ever genuinely free to choose what to do? These are just examples. We encourage you to pick your own question, show evidence of your interest and engagement with it, and convey your ideas and thinking. You can find more information here. Once you've submitted your application, CEU faculty and admissions staff review it alongside all the others. Finalists are invited for interviews with a panel of professors, then decisions are made and successful applicants are notified.

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How much does a CEU bachelor’s degree program cost?

 for each of CEU’s bachelor’s degree programs is 7,000 EUR per year. This does not include the application fee, student enrollment fee, accommodation, or living expenses, but CEU will cover the cost of health insurance for you! Click here for more information. There are scholarship opportunities available with CEU and from other organizations

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