CEU’s First Class of Bachelor's Students Graduate

June 26, 2023

In the fall of 2020, Central European University (CEU) welcomed undergraduates for the first time as the university implemented its new BA program in Vienna. On June 23, the inaugural cohort of 12 students completing three-year interdisciplinary bachelor's programs in Culture, Politics and Society (CPS) and Philosophy, Politics and Economics (PPE) will receive degrees during CEU’s 32nd Commencement Ceremony, marking a historic moment for the university. 

Undergraduate studies at CEU build on on the university’s 30-plus years of experience in graduate-level education. The programs, rooted in subjects where CEU enjoys high international rankings, combine several academic disciplines with the goal of cultivating well-rounded students who are equipped with the skills and knowledge needed to navigate 21st century challenges. 

Ahead of the graduation ceremony, CEU spoke to some of the young scholars about their experience at the university – from academics and life in Vienna, to internships, study abroad, personal development and community. Meet our 2023 graduates here: 

Learning With NGOs and a Path to International Relations

“Vienna is an international city and there really are people here from all over the world. It's a good place to find your community and your friends.” - Anna Flaismanova

Appreciating a Teaching Approach in Dialogue With Current Events

“One factor of studying Philosophy, Politics and Economics is that the world mirrors what is being taught from the classroom, and what we are discussing is very relevant.” - Fiona Bogensberger

Exploring the Crossroads of Academic Writing and Science Journalism

“I didn't just want to study one subject like politics or economics, I really wanted to study the intersection of several subjects, so that's how I found the Philosophy, Politics and Economics program at CEU.” - Franziska Marhold

Becoming More Professional With Guidance From Professors and Career Services

“My professor offered advice about how to meet people professionally and show that you're interested in a position. I was applying to different jobs at the same time and that advice really helped me.” - Constantin Von Lingen

Thriving in Small Classes With Diverse Perspectives

“My university experience is not only about the actual subjects and the content that I'm learning. It's also learning about myself, how I work well and how I study… we have space and time to develop and experiment with what works for us.” - Natasa Powell

A Meaningful Research Internship and Road to Nationalism Studies

“There were times that the community felt very close knit…I prefer things to be small and comfortable rather than big and faceless, and CEU gets that pretty well I think.” - Ethan Danesh

Studying Abroad and Staying Connected

“The opportunity to take classes from different departments in different fields helped me make new connections and is something special that students should definitely try.” - Maike Elsasser

Bridging Communities Through Civic Engagement

“The civic engagement programs were very influential in my life, something that opened my mind in a way.” - Peter Ujvari

CEU extends its warmest congratulations to the first-ever class of bachelor’s graduates: Fiona Bogensberger, Beatrice Bottura, Ethan Danesh, Maike Elsasser, Anna Flaismanova, Melanie Helm, Franziska Marhold, Andrej Planinsek, Natasa Powell, Peter Ujvari, Alfred Villum and Constantin Von Lingen. 

Through undergraduate studies at CEU, bachelor’s students can experience a rigorous, individualized and multidisciplinary education in an international environment with small class sizes. Learn more here