Tuition & Fees for bachelor’s degrees | CEU Undergraduate Studies

How much does a CEU bachelor’s degree cost?

Tuition for each of CEU’s bachelor’s degree programs is €7,000 per year. This doesn’t include the application fee, student enrollment fee, accommodation, or other living expenses. But CEU does cover the cost of health insurance for you! Here’s a breakdown of the estimated annual cost of attendance for a student in one of CEU's bachelor's degree programs.

Reccuring fees and costs per academic year (September - June)

Per semester Per academic year Payment details
Tuition Fee €3,500 €7,000

Payable in one or two installments

Non-refundable Initial Tuition Fee Installment (€500 EUR) is paid to confirm your acceptance of our offer of admission and is credited towards the 1st Tuition Fee Installment in year 1.

This fee is not refundable in case of withdrawal.

Austrian Student Union Fee €22.70 €45.40  Payable in one installment for the given academic year
Student Enrollment Fee €100 €200 Payable in one installment for the given academic year

Accommodation* at CEU-contracted student residence



Payable in monthly installments

€499 per month

Total €12,232.40

*It is strongly recommended for the first-year undergraduate students to be housed through CEU. Please find out more about housing here.


Accommodation related one-time fees

One-time Payment details

Two months room deposit 



Payable prior to contract and arrival to secure a booking 

Key deposit €50


Payable upon arrival

Total €1,468


Additional estimated costs of living per academic year (September-June)

Per academic year Payment details
Student health insurance - covered by CEU
Food €4,000 €400 per month
Local transportation €150

€75 per semester

For students under 27

Books and supplies -

Your own laptop

No books to be purchased

Personal expenses  €2,500 €250 per month
Total* €6,650

*These costs do not include your return travel (and visa, if applicable) related costs and expenses from and to your home country.

Please consult the following website for further details. 



Student Enrollment Fee

All students are required to pay the student enrollment fee – €200 per academic year – for the duration of their studies.

It covers institutional costs related to maintaining the student status in the universities’ database systems, reporting requirements, information technology services and financial services. The Student Enrollment Fee entitles students to use computer labs, email and Internet access, and contributes to university residential life programs, student activities, and the activities of the Student Union.


Initial Tuition Fee Installment

When you accept the offer of admission, confirming you will attend CEU, you’re required to pay a non-refundable Initial Tuition Fee Installment of €500. This fee can be paid online via the Applicant Portal and is credited towards the 1st Tuition Fee Installment in year 1.

The Initial Tuition Fee Installment is not refundable in case of withdrawal. 


Austrian Student Union Fee

As per the Austrian Student Union Act (HSG for short; section 38, paragraph 3), every student in Austria is automatically a member of the student union and required to pay a membership fee every semester (€22.70). At CEU you’re required to pay this Austrian National Student Union (OeH) fee of €45.40 in one sum online prior to the start of the Academic Year. For newly admitted students it is a prerequisite to be enrolled in the Fall.


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