The inclusion of modern technology into so many aspects of human life has resulted in a wealth of digital information with a level of detail that is unprecedented in history. The availability of these large amounts of data means that we have a unique opportunity to understand human behaviour and society at a quantitative level well enough to tackle some of its major problems, including:  

  • How does political unrest spread between countries? 
  • How do social movements originate and grow? 
  • How are socio-economic inequalities formed, and how can they be undone? 
  • How do innovations, information and misinformation spread on the internet? 
  • How can we predict and prevent world-wide epidemic contagion? 
  • What are the fundamental patterns of human mobility?  
  • What are the algorithmic biases in online social media, and how can they be eliminated? 
  • Can we develop a quantitative theory of success? 
  • What is the structure of the society on different scales? 

New concepts and new techniques are needed to cope with these challenges. Above all, much more quantitative tools are needed, together with more traditional knowledge of social systems. Our aim with the new BA in QSS is to provide students with a combination of these tools and the knowledge necessary for tackling complex, burning problems in our societies. 

The analysis of data on social systems is a naturally interdisciplinary task, since our contemporary socioeconomic and political systems cannot be fully understood from a single perspective: sociology, economics, political science, environmental science, together with data science are all important to comprehend how the world works. In each of these fields the amount of data is rapidly growing, so quantitative approaches greatly contribute to understanding how humans interact with each other and with their environment.

Newer generations of scientists, analysts, professionals, consultants and policy makers are increasingly required to be proficient in quantitative AND qualitative aspects of social systems at the same time. CEU is a leading research university with an outstanding international reputation for its work in the various fields of social science, as well as mathematics and data science. The QSS BA program at CEU will give you a unique opportunity to learn directly from truly interdisciplinary experts, whose teaching is informed by their research. Due to this unique academic environment and the particular structure of the QSS program, a degree in QSS at CEU will make you especially well-prepared to tackle complex analytical problems pertaining to big societal challenges.