What is truth? How do societies work? What is globalization, what are its problems and benefits? Is there a real, objective difference between right and wrong? What is money? Could a machine ever think or feel pain? Is democracy really the best form of government? How do we know anything at all? Do animals have rights? Is everybody equal?

If you are interested in questions such as these, then Philosophy, Politics and Economics (PPE) is for you.

A degree in PPE at CEU will give you the training and the tools which will help you address these big questions about society and the world around us.

But the skills you need for PPE will also prepare you for life after university — more than ever, society needs people who can think critically and creatively about the complex social and political developments of our time. Having studied PPE, you will be in a position to analyze complex ideas, to understand the political and economic structures of the societies we live in.

CEU is a leading research university with an outstanding international reputation for its work in philosophy, politics and economics. Students in the new PPE program will have the unique opportunity to learn from real experts in their fields, whose teaching is informed by their research.