Inspired by the well-established degree created in Oxford over a hundred years ago, this Austrian and U.S. accredited program offers rigorous training in all three disciplines of philosophy, politics and economics. In this multidisciplinary setting, intellectually motivated students will be taught by world-class faculty and will acquire many transferrable skills by examining complex concepts, arguments and world-views.

Students will learn in their politics courses to think critically about different political and social structures; in philosophy, they will address fundamental questions about reality and our place in it; and in economics they will learn about the principles that govern the production and allocation of resources.

The PPE program is multi-disciplinary — students receive a thorough training in at least 2 of the 3 PPE disciplines. But they can also do serious interdisciplinary work in their BA thesis or their capstone project, and they can take courses from outside the PPE framework, which can offer contrasting or more interdisciplinary perspectives on the topics they are interested in. These include 13 elective courses offered by CPS, the other BA program, which range from Human Rights through Environmental Science to Nationalism Studies. All students in the four-year program also have an opportunity to study abroad as part of their degree.

Possible majors:

  • Philosophy
  • Politics
  • Economics


  • Environmental Science 
  • Gender Studies 
  • Cultural Heritage 
  • Human Rights 
  • International Relations 
  • History 
  • Nationalism Studies 
  • Sociology and Social Anthropology 
  • Visual Theory and Practice

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‘Do We Have Free Will?’ A sample class by Tim Crane, Professor of Philosophy at CEU