Visiting students

Undergraduate students who are enrolled in a degree program at another university or higher education institution which does not have a valid student exchange contract with CEU may apply for a visiting student status on a self-financing basis.

In this case the tuition fee is based on the amount of credits they wish to take.

Tuition fees for visiting students:
  • 360 EUR per credit or audit for all credited bachelor's and master's courses
  • 460 EUR per credit or audit for all credited doctoral courses
  • 200 EUR per course for all 0-credit bachelor's, master's and doctoral courses

Addtional costs:

EUR 21.20/term ÖH Fee (for all students studying in Austria)
EUR 20/month enrollment fee for visiting students

Exchange students

Eligibility of students for exchange studies at CEU is based on a valid exchange agreement signed by the student's home university and CEU. Please note that all students applying for an exchange period at CEU must apply through their home university.  Students on exchange programs may stay at CEU for one or two trimesters without the option of obtaining a CEU degree.

Once you have been nominated by your home university's coordinator we will get in touch with you to provide detailed information about the online application procedure. Please meet the deadline with the submission of your application form.

Application requirements

  • Academic records
  • Proof of English proficiency
  • Letter of recommendation
  • Letter of motivation
  • Curriculum vitae
  • Preliminary course list
  • Application form

Academic records

Please provide us with

  • an official or certified copy of your most recent transcript of records from the higher education institution last or currently attended and 
  • (if applicable) a Certificate of Enrollment from the higher education institution currently attended

If your transcripts are not in English, please provide an English translation of each, certified by your school or a registered translator – along with the originals.

An official translation bears the stamp and signature of a sworn translator or an authorized official of the institution that has issued the original. It should contain the stamp and signature on each page or over a folded and fastened corner of the document and include a statement of authenticity in English.


Proof of English proficiency

You’ll need to demonstrate proficiency in English by submitting your results on standardized English language tests such as TOEFL or others listed below.

You may request an exemption from this requirement by answering the question about English Language Qualifications in the Qualification section of the online application form. Exemptions will be considered if any of the following apply:

  • your first language is English
  • you’ve been enrolled for at least three years at a high school where teaching is exclusively in English
  • you’ve scored 5 or more in English (HL or SL) in the International Baccalaureate (IB)
  • you’ve scored 650 or more on the Evidence-Based Reading and Writing portion of the SAT
  • your ACT score is 27 or more for both English and Reading

If the language of instruction is not clearly stated in your high school credentials, you’ll need to upload an official letter from the school confirming that you were taught exclusively in English throughout your studies. If you are submitting a test score of one of the exams listed below, you’ll need to upload your score report in the online application.

Test type Minimum Overall/Total Score Required
TOEFL (internet-based; not older than two years at the time of application) 88
TOEFL at home (temporary, until testing sites re-open) 88
TOEFL (paper-based; not older than two years at the time of application) 570
IELTS Academic (not older than two years at the time of application) 6.5
IELTS Indicator (temporary, until testing sites re-open) 6.5
Pearson PTE Academic (not older than five years at the time of application) 59
Cambridge English: C1 Advanced or C2 Proficiency (not older than five years at the time of application) 180
Euroexam Academic Pass
Duolingo English Test (temporary, until testing sites re-open; must be accompanied by an admission interview) 110

CEU's ETS institution code is 0069.


Letter of recommendation

In order to enable your recommender to send in his/her letter, you need to register them in the relevant section of the online application form AND submit your application; he/she won’t receive an email with a link to a recommendation form until after you have submitted your  application.

Letter of motivation

Please submit a letter of motivation of 300 words in length addressing why you chose to apply to CEU, why your program of choice matches your interests and aspirations, and how you think you would contribute to the CEU community.

Curriculum vitae

Your CV should be in reverse chronological order and bullet-point format. We’d like to see your secondary education history and any extracurricular activities, exchange programs, academic competitions, and volunteering or work experience that you think is relevant.

You may use the following document as a template: 

File Template: CV (High School)

Please note that this is just an example — feel free to adjust it according to your needs.

Preliminary course list

(If applicable) Please check the course hub for the offered courses for the current year and list the courses on the form at the bottom of the page, you plan to attend. You will may need to update the list before the registration period.


Application form

Start your CEU Non-degree Application form

After creating a new account for the first time, you will need to choose the non-degree group and then the department you wish to apply for.

Click search, and out of the 4 application form click on :

  • Visiting, if you are not enrolled any higher education institution currently, or your Home unversity has no agreement signed with CEU.
  • Exchange, if your Home university has an agreement signed with CEU.
  • Erasmusif your Home university has an agreement signed with CEU and you plan to study at CEU within the Erasmus+ Framework