CEU Hosts CIVICA Training Stewarding Inclusion in the Student Body

October 29, 2021

On November 25 and 26, Central European University (CEU) will host a CIVICA workshop at its Vienna campus for academic and administrative staff who are leading enhancement and facilitation of student inclusion on the campuses of universities that are part of the alliance.

CEU Opens Academic Year in Vienna

October 28, 2021

Central European University (CEU) launched its 2021-22 Academic Year on September 16, welcoming more than 700 students from 100 countries during the Opening Ceremony held live in Vienna and streamed online.

"Europe's far-right educational institutions" with Dean Of Undergraduate Studies, Dorit Geva

October 22, 2021

Dean of Undergraduate Studies, Dorit Geva, has appeared on Chatham House’s Podcast, Undercurrents. In this episode, Dorit and Felipe G Santos expand upon the rise of the illiberal tradition in Hungary and France, particularly the founding of academic institutions to integrate the emerging illiberalist tradition into the larger globalist systems.

DNDS Research on Higher-Order Architecture of Real Complex Systems Published in Nature Physics

October 13, 2021

The complexity of many biological, social and technological systems stems from the richness of the interactions among their units. Over the past decades, a variety of complex systems have been successfully described as networks whose interacting pairs of nodes are connected by links. Yet, from human communications to chemical reactions and ecological systems, interactions can often occur in groups of three or more nodes and cannot be described simply in terms of dyads.

The First Year: A Look at CEU’s Undergraduate Studies

July 8, 2021

In the fall of 2020, Central European University (CEU) welcomed undergraduates for the first time as the university began its first academic year fully in Vienna.