Spotlighting Presidential Scholar Award Recipient: Tina Horvath

November 25, 2021

Tina Horvath is pursuing her BA in CEU’s Culture, Politics and Society program. Originally from Hungary, she completed several modules at Budapest’s Milestone Institute as a Roma Scholarship recipient before attending CEU. Horvath chose the university for its diversity and focus on interdisciplinary studies. Outside of the classroom, she has been involved in film festivals, fine arts competitions, photography projects and public events.

CEU Students in Scotland for Nuclear Climate Change Event During COP26

November 15, 2021

During the first week of COP26, CEU students Madalina Bot and Sophia Fehrenbach traveled to the historic Stirling Castle located roughly 30 minutes from Glasgow for the International Forum for Understanding’s November 1 Nuclear Climate Change event.

Destinations | Featuring Esther Ebimoghan

November 9, 2021

In 2020, the Covid-19 pandemic caused an unprecedented global economic downturn resulting in increased unemployment figures. While it continues to be a challenging time to enter the job market, the good news is that current economic predictions are showing signs of recovery and many organizations are hiring.

CEU Research Finds Epidemics Seeded From the Most Connected Populations May Not Lead to Larger Epidemic

November 4, 2021

A fundamental question in disease modelling is how the initial seeding of an epidemic that spreads over a network determines its final outcome.

CEU Hosts CIVICA Training Stewarding Inclusion in the Student Body

October 29, 2021

On November 25 and 26, Central European University (CEU) will host a CIVICA workshop at its Vienna campus for academic and administrative staff who are leading enhancement and facilitation of student inclusion on the campuses of universities that are part of the alliance.