General issues

I can't seem to find the link to the online application form – where is it?
The link is available here.

Can I apply to multiple undergraduate programs in the same admissions cycle?
Yes, you can, but please note that you must submit a complete application for each program.

My transcript/CV/application essay, etc. consists of more than one page. How can I upload documents of multiple pages?
You can easily upload a document of up to 100 pages (as long as it does not exceed 2 MB in size) if you include all pages of the document in one single file. Most scanners allow the creation of a single file containing multiple pages, or you can use a PDF merger program.

Some of the files I want to upload exceed 2 MB. What can I do?
You will need to reduce their size. To do it, print out the pages that you want to upload. Then, scan the printed pages into a PDF file format, and upload this new document onto the appropriate page in your online application. When scanning the document, please make sure to scan in a low (but still readable) resolution, and in black and white, to ensure that the document is under the 2-MB upload limit.

Can I add new documents to my submitted application or replace some of the submitted documents with updated ones?
No, you can’t edit your application after you have submitted it, nor can you send in updated or extra materials unless we request you to do so. If we request additional materials, you'll need to submit those materials through the Applicant Portal

I am applying to a CEU BA program and have already submitted an electronic application form. Should I additionally post the required documents or is the online application enough?
An online application is enough. We will need hard copies of some of your documents (namely your high school transcript and diploma) if you are admitted and decide to enroll.

I am not an EU/EEA citizen and will need a visa to Austria. However, I do not currently have a passport. Can I apply all the same?
Yes, you can. You will, however, need a valid passport to apply for a visa if you are admitted.

Online application form

Do I need to create a new user account for a second application if I already submitted another one?

No. Please log in with the email address/password you used for the first application whenever starting a new application. The system will take you to the User Action Screen where you can choose whether to

  • edit or cancel the application you started earlier: CEU BA edit cancel application


  • start a new application: CEU BA start new application

How can I log back into an application I already started?

The link to log back into started applications can be found in the automated email you receive when starting an application (if you don't seem to have received it, check in your spam folder). It is also available here. You can also start a new application using this link.

I have submitted my application. How can I be sure that you have received it?
If you have completed all mandatory fields of the applications form (including mandatory document uploads), and successfully paid the one-time application fee, the system will send an email notification to acknowledge the receipt of the application. This email will also provide login details to the Applicant Portal – on the Portal every application that you have submitted will be listed, along with its respective status. For subsequent applications, submitting the application will be sufficient. The system will not ask you to pay the application fee once more. You will receive an automated message acknowledging receipt of your application only for the first application submitted.

I'm about to send in my application. How can I be sure that I have attached all the required documents?
The online application automatically checks a certain number of required questions and document uploads. Please note however that not all fields are mandatory, and the program you apply to might require fields to be filled in or items to be uploaded that are not marked as mandatory. Please first check the specific program requirements of the program in question, then thoroughly check all sections of the application before submitting it. Lastly, please check the list of document uploads that are summarized on the last (submission) page of the application form. Please note that references can be uploaded by the referees only AFTER you have submitted your application. The application will only be considered complete once the application fee payment is received.

I have started an application to a CEU bachelor’s program, but I have changed my mind and decided not to submit it after all. Can I delete it somehow?

Cancel the application for the program you no longer wish to apply for on the User Actions screenCEU BA edit cancel application

If you want to delete several applications, you need to do so for each of them on the User Actions screen.

I am experiencing technical problems when trying to create a user account or when completing the online application or references. What should I do?
If you have any technical issues or concerns using the online application form, please contact the CEU IT Help Desk.

Academic records

I am in the final year of high school, so I do not have a diploma to upload yet. What shall I do? 
In place of the diploma, upload a certificate of enrollment stating, if possible, your expected date of graduation (see also item 1 of the Application Checklist). Please note that in order to be able to enroll at CEU, you must have graduated before the academic year at CEU begins.

What is a certificate of enrollment?

It is an official document issued by your current high school stating that you are currently enrolled there and what the expected date of your graduation is. Such document may be written in free style way but should include a stamp and a signature of the registrar, the high school principal, or any authorized staff member of the high school office.

I am in the final year of high school, so I do not have a final transcript to upload yet. What shall I do? 
Upload an official current transcript. If you are accepted, we will need an official hard copy of the final transcript.

Should my high school diploma and transcript be apostilled?
No, that's not necessary.

Where can I upload my SAT (ACT, AP, etc.) score?
You may upload it in the ‘Other Supporting Documents’ section.

I would like to upload several additional documents, but there is only 1 upload field (‘Other Supporting Documents’). What should I do?

If you wish to upload several documents, please merge them into one PDF file, making sure the file does not exceed 2 MB. (In order to reduce the size of your file, please refer to the relevant FAQ under General Issues at the top of this page for help.) 

Language test

Where should I upload my English test score report?
There is an upload field for English Language Qualifications in the Qualifications section of the online application form. It will pop up once you answer the first question (Do you qualify for exemption...?) with 'No'.

Can I submit my English test (SAT, AP, etc.) scores after the application deadline?
Applications should be submitted complete with the required language or other test scores as applicable. English or other test scores submitted after the application was submitted and processed are considered on a case-by-case basis.

I am wondering if the type of the English test I submit would make any difference in the evaluation of my application, as long as I meet the minimum score required?
Every English test listed on our website (see Section 2: Proof of English Proficiency) is accepted (i.e. will qualify you for an academic review if your application is otherwise complete and if you are eligible for the program you are applying for.)

Please note, however, that some programs may, at their discretion, assign higher evaluation scores to more academic tests in their assessment of applications. This means that with all other things being equal, an academic test such as an IELTS or TOEFL could tip the scales in favor of one applicant over another that has submitted a non-academic test.


I hit the 'Submit' button on my Application Form. How will my referee know they need to complete a reference?
Once you hit 'Submit' and your application fee payment is recorded, the referee will receive an automated email with a link to the reference form. Please make sure to remind your referee that they have one week to submit a reference. For subsequent applications, the automated email to the referee gets sent once you hit the 'Submit' button. You can track the status of your reference in the Applicant Portal.

When does my reference have to be submitted by?
It should be received latest a week after you have submitted your application. 

Can my recommendation be sent by postal mail, electronic mail (email) or fax?
No, please submit your application(s) electronically.

My recommender has not received the automated email with the link to the reference form. Can you resend it to them?
First, please ask your referee to check their spam/junk folder. If the email is not there, you can send the link again through the Applicant Portal.

My referee has no access to the internet. Can I submit the recommendation for my referee?
Unfortunately, you can’t. We require a confidential recommendation, the contents of which must not be known to you. Please make sure to register a referee who does have internet access.

I am applying to more than one undergraduate program at CEU.  Do I need a separate reference sent for each application?
Yes. The content can be the same, but the letter itself must be submitted for each application. 

Can a recommendation be transferred onto another application?
Recommendations cannot be transferred from one application to another. A recommendation must be completed for each program you apply to.

My referee prefers to write the reference in a language other than English. Can they do that?
No. We can consider references in English only.

Application fee

I have very limited financial resources. Can I get an application fee waiver in consideration of my circumstances?
Sorry, the application fee cannot be waived. If you cannot pay it, we suggest you ask somebody to help you out and pay it for you.

A friend/relative of mine will pay the application fee on my behalf. How can they do it?
Fee payments to CEU are processed by Flywire. Please contact Flywire at for assistance.

I have been trying to pay the application fee through the online application form but I don't seem to manage. Can you help?
Fee payments to CEU are processed by Flywire. Please contact Flywire at for assistance.

When is the application fee to be paid? Is there a deadline for it?
The application fee must be paid upon submitting your (first) application in each admission cycle. Given the time your fee payment may take to be delivered to us by Flywire (including bank card payments), we suggest you submit your first application and pay the application fee five to ten days prior to the deadline

I am applying to multiple bachelor’s programs. Does that mean I have to pay €30 for each application?
No. Every applicant must pay the application fee only ONCE in the same admissions cycle. After you have paid it for your first application, our application system will record the payment for any further application in the same admissions cycle.

Can I pay the application fee by wire transfer?

Flywire offers a range of payment methods that varies from country to country. Wire transfer is typically one of them.

Can I pay the application fee by Western Union or MoneyGram?
Unfortunately, neither is possible.

I have recently applied to CEU but have meanwhile changed my mind and withdrawn my application. Can I get a refund of my application fee?
No. The application fee is not refundable, regardless of whether you withdraw your application or not. 

I have applied to CEU and had my application rejected. Can I get back my application fee?
No. The application fee is not refundable, regardless of the outcome of your application.