Can I add new documents to my submitted application, or replace some of the submitted documents with updated ones?

No. If we need any further materials from you, we'll enable you to submit them on the Applicant Portal.

I have just applied to CEU and upon checking the applicant portal, noticed that my academic records have not been checked. Should I be concerned about that?

The Academic Records status on the Applicant Portal does not refer to the copies of your academic records sent with your application, but those official copies of the documents that you will need to submit upon accepting an offer of admission from CEU. Up until that point, consider this status as not applicable. (Please also refer to for further details on this.)

How long after the application deadline will a decision be made?

The admissions process for bachelor’s degrees at CEU is described in detail here.

I have just received an email saying there’s an update to my application on the Applicant Portal. I’ve logged in but can’t find the update. Can you help?

The update is normally a decision – please check the 'Decision' field for the relevant application.

How will I find out whether my application was successful?

The admissions decision will be posted in the Applicant Portal. You will also be notified by email of the result. 

I see that my application has been rejected. Can I know the reasons?

If your application has met the formal entry requirements, then it has been rejected for academic reasons by the selection committee, based on a thorough review of your credentials. These include your past academic achievement, the strength of your recommendation, English language competency, intellectual merit, extracurricular activity and experience (if applicable), expectations of the program, future plans, and general compatibility with the goals of the academic program. We review a large number of applications each year and have only a limited number of spaces available for each degree program, which makes for an extremely competitive selection process. This means that from all the qualified candidates that apply, only a few can be accepted. 

Please note that CEU does not provide information on the reasons why an application has been rejected; if however, you choose to apply again next year, you will be competing against a different applicant pool and may receive a different decision.

Once accepted, can I request deferral to postpone the start of my studies?

Deferred enrollment is not a standard option for admitted students at CEU. Program Directors may choose to grant deferrals in exceptional cases. Should a deferral be awarded, it will only be given on a self-funded basis, i.e. without any financial aid awarded. Any offers of financial aid or scholarship are limited to the year you were accepted. If you wish to be considered for financial aid or scholarship in the academic year you plan to attend, you may reapply to be considered alongside the new pool of applicants. Deferred students will be subject to the financial conditions of the year they enter (i.e. if there is a tuition change, the new tuition will be applicable).

Can I work while studying at CEU?

Full-time students may work up to 20 hours a week subject to permission from their Head of Program and unless you are a permanent resident or citizen of an EU/EEA country, subject to the acquisition of a work permit, which can take a number of months to obtain. Please note that currently CEU does not offer a work-study scheme, so if you are granted permission and hold a work permit, you will need to look for paid jobs outside the university. First-year students are highly encouraged to focus on their studies, and we recommend that you do not take on any volume of employment as you adjust to your academic career at CEU. Please consider this before accepting a study offer.