Why CPS?


  • Because CEU's CPS educates informed citizens with a capacity to decipher fact from fabrication, who can critically analyze and produce sources and forms of knowledge and make a positive contribution to society;
  • Because CPS graduates will be culturally savvy, with a knowledge ranging from ancient philosophy to the most cutting-edge ideas in the social sciences and humanities;
  • Because CPS courses are taught by CEU's world-class faculty in one of Europe's top research universities specializing in the social sciences and humanities;
  • Because all careers today require professionals to access large amounts of data which seems to always be at our fingertips: you need to be able to sort the reliable from the untrustworthy to downright fraudulent.

This program is for you if you

  • Want to have an impact and tackle the world's biggest problems;
  • Believe that knowledge makes a difference;
  • Want to be a savvy consumer of culture, and a producer of knowledge;
  • Are ready for an academically challenging undergraduate experience at a premier European university specializing in the social sciences and humanities;
  • Desire the U.S. Liberal Arts undergraduate experience in one of Europe's most beautiful and culturally rich cities;
  • Want to complete your BA studies with a multi-media capstone project, showcasing your transferable skills;
  • Have an entrepreneurial spirit.