Program Structure

This BA program both integrates into the European-wide Bologna system and offers the best of the American undergraduate education system. After successful completion of a four-year BA, students will have an Austrian and an American BA degree. Students progress from a broad-based first year, where courses are mandatory for all and students experience the feeling of being part of a community, to increased specialization and course choice during the rest of the program.

In the first year, students are offered a strong and wide-ranging foundation through specially designed courses that introduce them to the themes of Culture, Politics, and Society. The Spring terms of the first three years are dedicated to experiential learning experiences. From the second year onwards, students have increasing freedom of course choice, and by the end of their studies, they will have specialized in a disciplinary major and will have completed a specialized capstone Project.

Year by Year

Year 1 (30 U.S. credits or 60 ECTS credits)

  • broad-based foundation
  • all courses mandatory

Divided into 6 modules

  • 3 interdisciplinary thematic clusters
  • 2 skills-based > methods of expression and interpretation (visual, data, textual,)
  • 1 experiential, project-oriented, linking theory and practice

Year 2 (30 U.S. credits or 60 ECTS credits)

  • 6 modules continued
  • increased specialization and course choice
  • only 40% of credits through mandatory courses

Year 3 (30 U.S. credits or 60 ECTS credits)
Completion of Austrian BA

  • 6 modules continued
  • further increase in specialization and course choice
  • only 20% of credits through mandatory courses
  • possible Minor by Year 3
  • study abroad through Erasmus exchange options for students, especially if pursuing a 4-year BA

Year 4 (30 U.S. credits)
Completion of U.S. BA*

  • structure opens up
  • students empowered to pursue a Major
  • conduct significant research
  • carry out independent capstone project showcasing specialized knowledge and transferable skills

* With 180 ECTS credits and 120 U.S. credits, you will graduate with an Austrian and an American degree at end of the fourth year.