Top 9 Application Tips for Undergraduate Applicants

January 25, 2023

Are you looking to apply to a bachelor's program at CEU? Or have you already started the application process?

Here’s a checklist to help answer any questions that may come up as you complete your application.




  1. Make sure to fulfill the list of application requirements. Remember, CEU’s priority application deadline is February 1 (23:59) Central European Time and the application payment must be received by this date. 
    1. Please note: Fee payments to CEU are processed by Flywire. Because Flywire might take several days to process and deliver payments, we recommend that you submit your application a couple of days before the deadline to avoid any issues.
  2. Applying while still in high school? No problem!We accept applications from candidates in their final year of high school. Just make sure to provide us with a confirmation of enrollment, your expected date of graduation, and your most current transcript + predicted grades, if applicable. 
  3. What qualifies as proof of English proficiency?Is English your first language or have you been enrolled at a high school where teaching is in English? Then you may be granted a waiver. Otherwise, you must take astandardized English language test. 
  4. Not sure what to put on your CV?Mention all meaningful activities that would strengthen your academic profile. Make sure to add a short summary of what you gained from each experience. Feel free to use our CV template. 
  5. How to choose a recommender?Think of a teacher or high school counselor who knows you best and is happy to provide you with a reference. Approach them in advance and prepare them according to CEU's requirements. Share with them the name of the program you are applying to and the most exciting achievements you would like to be mentioned in this letter.
  6. Did you know that all finalists are invited to an admissions interview with a panel of CEU professors? If selected, you will receive an invitation and instructions on how to prepare. This interview is of an academic nature and is the final and most important step of the application process. Take it seriously! 
  7. Applying to several programs?You are allowed to apply to all three bachelor’s programs at once. However, we would recommend narrowing this number down to two, depending on your interests. Each application will require individual essays and letters of motivation. Ideally, the letter of recommendation should be adjusted too.
  8. In need of some financial support? CEU offers a limited number of partial tuition awards granted to academically strong candidates. If you’re interested, make sure to submit your application materials by February 1. We also provide health insurance coverage to all our enrolled undergraduate students.
  9. Remember to hit the “submit” button and pay the application fee on time as the final step. You will get a confirmation email from Flywire once the payment has been submitted. When we have received the payment, you will get a final confirmation from the CEU Application Platform.  
    1. Please note: If you do not receive a final confirmation message from the CEU Application Platform, this means that something went wrong. Do reach out to us immediately at

What’s next? You can easily track the status of your application in the Applicant Portal 

If we need any further materials from you, we’ll ask you to submit them through this portal too.  

Have questions? Email us at For technical questions or concerns, please write to CEU’s IT Department at  

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