What happens after you have been admitted?

After you find out you've been accepted to CEU, there are several further steps to complete.

  1. Acceptance offer
  2. Registration fee
  3. Residence permit/Registration card
  4. Academic records

1. Acceptance offer

Acceptance offers are published in the Applicant Portal. Once you receive an offer, please make sure to read it carefully, as it stipulates terms and conditions, including program length, required fees, and required documents you need to submit (see point 4). You then have the option to either accept decline the offer ('Respond to Offer'). Please note: The Acceptance Offer cannot be used for visa application purposes. The CEU Admissions Office issues a separate document to those students who require a study visa (see also point 3).

2. Registration fee

Every candidate accepted to CEU is to pay a registration fee of EUR 100 in order to confirm their acceptance of the study offer. Candidates can accept their offer and pay the registration fee via the Applicant Portal. Your place of study is only confirmed once the registration fee payment has reached CEU. The registration fee is non-refundable, even if you decide not to enroll.

3. Residence permit/Registration card

Accepted candidates who are citizens of EU/EEA member states may travel to Austria without a study visa. However, they need to obtain a registration card for the duration of the studies in Austria. For more information please visit the relevant section of the CEU Online Orientation.

Accepted candidates who are citizens of countries that are not part of the European Union (EU) or European Economic Area (EEA) and who do not hold a permanent residency permit in the EU/EEA area need to apply for a residency permit or study visa. The CEU Admissions Office provides a "confirmation of acceptance for visa purposes" (and, if applicable, a payment confirmation) sent to the accepted candidates via DHL. For further information read our detailed guidelines.

4. Academic records

In order to enroll at CEU, accepted students must submit the following academic documents to the Admissions Office (mailing address: Admissions Office, Room D210, Quellenstrasse 51-55, 1100 Vienna, Austria) by August 31, 2021:

  1. an official English copy/translation of their high school diploma or certificate accompanied by an official copy of the document in the original language if other than English 
  2. an official English copy/translation of the final transcript (transcript = an official report supplied by a school on the record of an individual student, listing subjects studied and grades received) accompanied by an official copy of the document in the original language if other than English OR (if applicable) an official English copy/translation of the matriculation examination (e.g. Matura, Abitur, WAEC, CBSE, A-levels, etc.) accompanied by an official copy of the document in the original language if other than English

Students can also bring their documents to the Admissions Office in person upon arrival at the Vienna campus, but before the given deadline (August 31, 2021).

Students who fail to comply with the requirement of submitting their academic records will NOT be allowed to enroll.


  1. CEU does not return academic records of previous studies, nor does it provide copies thereof. If you intend to apply for further studies at other universities while at CEU, please make sure to bring with you sufficient copies of the above-mentioned documents for your further applications.
  2. Electronic copies or versions of academic records, including e-transcripts, are only acceptable if

    - there is evidence that the issuing institution does not provide paper-based credentials;
    - the issuing institution sends the academic records electronically from a verifiable email address to the CEU Undergraduate Admissions Office (undergradadmissions@ceu.edu); academic records submitted electronically by the student are NOT acceptable. 

  3. An official copy bears the stamp and signature of a high school official of the high school that has issued the original, or alternatively of a notary public.
  4. An official translation bears the stamp and signature of a sworn translator or an authorized official of the institution that has issued the original. It should contain the stamp and signature on each page or over a folded and fastened corner of the document and include a statement of authenticity in English.
  5. An official English version of a transcript or a diploma (i.e. one issued by the very institution from which the student has graduated) does not need to be accompanied by its original language counterpart unless the English version is marked as a translation.
  6. Official transcripts that are issued in a sealed envelope must be turned in that way.
  7. IB students can request their transcripts to be sent to us through the IBO portal. The CEU IB code is: 039515