The admissions process for bachelor’s degrees | CEU Undergraduate Studies

So you’ve submitted your application. Congratulations, that’s a big step! Here’s where you’ll find out what happens next – how you can check on the progress of your application or make any additions or changes, whether you’ve been invited for an interview, and whether you’ve been accepted!

The admissions process for bachelor’s degrees at CEU

Once we receive your application, our admissions staff reviews it to ensure it meets the formal requirements. Applications that don’t meet the formal requirements are rejected at this stage. The rest of the applications are evaluated by the academic selection committee and finalists are identified, who then are invited to attend an admissions interview.

If you’re selected as a finalist, you’ll be informed and given further instructions by email. The interview will be conducted online with a panel of faculty members from the bachelor’s program to which you’ve applied.

Final admissions decisions are published on the Applicant Portal and sent to applicants via email. Admissions decisions are made by an academic selection committee on the basis of the candidate's academic achievement, the strength of recommendation, English language competency, intellectual merit, extracurricular activity and experience (if applicable), expectations of the program, future plans, and general compatibility with the goals of the academic program.

Should you not make it to the admissions interview, you will be notified by email and your status in the Application Portal will change accordingly.


The priority


February 1, 2024

The final


April 15, 2024

Initial rejections* February - March, 2024 April - May, 2024
Admissions interviews

end of February - beginning of March, 2024

May, 2024

Final admissions decisions end of March - beginning of April, 2024 May - June, 2024
*In case you were not selected as a finalist.

What if you need to change something urgently, such as your phone number or email address? How will you find out if you’ve been accepted? Don’t worry! Once your application and the application fee are received, you’ll be granted access to the Applicant Portal. You’ll receive an automated message informing you how to access the portal, where you’ll use the same login and password used for your application(s).

Only successfully submitted and paid applications are transferred to the Applicant Portal. If you’re still working on another application, it won’t appear yet.